Artist Statement

I create music as part of a practice in knowing myself, and knowing the world around me. The songs I write are about my unique experiences with human connection and emotion. I am interested in using music’s powerful ability to seep into people’s hearts. I am fascinated by the melody line that reminds me of someone I haven’t thought of in long time and by the lyric that overwhelms me with someone else’s deep sadness or joy.


My songs are snapshots of something I have felt, or observed, and then felt secondhand. Though I often begin with a concept, each finished song shows me its subject from a perspective I haven’t yet considered. My songs change over time as I do, during the writing process and also as they are performed. I am interested in reflecting the fluidity of human emotion.


The result of my music is a window into my consciousness and an invitation for interpretation. I hope to reflect something that the listeners recognize in themselves, or introduce them to something they haven’t considered. I use my music to interact with the world around me. It is intended to create space for emotion and most importantly, for understanding, because although emotions cannot always be felt universally, music can.


Zoe Benson is an American singer/songwriter and performer from Boulder, Colorado, currently based in Boston.


She grew up singing, and began studying vocal performance at Wildflower School of Voice when she was 7 years old. She later studied voice, as well as piano and audition skills at Dana V Music. She performed at numerous local venues including Boulder Creek Festival, Rock n’ Soul Cafe, The Nomad Theater, Nissi’s Cafe, Shine Cafe, Global Sound Studios, and Eclectic Cafe, before recording her first single at Coupe Studios at the age of 13. At 15, Zoe was hired to sing background vocals for a local artist. Zoe participated in several choirs and school productions at Fairview High School, including the school’s elite jazz choir, Age of Guinevere. In 2014 the group was accepted to, and performed in The New York City Jazz Festival at Lincoln Center.


In 2013 Zoe was awarded a scholarship to participate in Berklee’s 5-Week Summer Program, and she participated in Berklee’s Summer Songwriter’s Workshop the following summer.


Zoe began recording with Michael Binder at MGB Records in Boulder in 2011. She accompanies herself and collaborates with Michael and other players on solo singles, duets, and videos. She released her first EP, “Songs from the Basement” in September 2015.

That summer, Zoe won 1st prize in the Boulder Creek Festival Teen Songwriting Competition. She was awarded a 50 minute set on the Boulder Creek Festival Main Stage.


In 2015, Zoe was awarded a scholarship to attend The New School University in New York City. She studied Contemporary Music in NYC for 1 year, during which time she performed a solo show at Bushwick Public House in Brooklyn. She transferred to Berklee College of Music the following year.


In 2016, Zoe was a semifinalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

Zoe became a DJ on Berklee’s Internet Radio Network, the BIRN. She co-hosted a show with Annie Meadows called “The Best of Times with Annie and Zoe” The weekly show explored the music of different influential ages in music history. Each week, the co-hosts hand selected their favorite songs from a given era.


In the summer of 2017, Zoe was hired as a Resident Assistant for Berklee’s 5-Week Summer Program. She was responsible for the supervision of high school students in Berklee’s dormitories, curfew checks, safety protocols, community building, and mentorship. Zoe ran community building activities including a “Fun Run” and a “Peanut butter and JAM.”


Zoe became a songwriting instructor at her alma mater, Dana V Music. She held lessons at Dana V Music in Boulder, Colorado during the summer of 2017, and now offers phone and Skype lessons through the studio.

In 2018, Zoe became an intern at Notable Productions in Watertown, MA. She assisted producer/engineer Daniel Cantor in setting up instruments, mics and ProTools sessions for recordings of local shows and recording sessions. She edited projects in ProTools and supported musicians with feedback during sessions.


Zoe currently has over 2.7 million streams, and over 11,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. She recently travelled to Las Vegas to record her Debut Album and finished tracking seven songs in seven days. She and producer/engineer Michael Binder are currently working on the mixing and mastering process for the album, which will be released in November, 2019. 

Zoe is moving to Los Angeles, CA in August 2019 to play and promote her music, while finishing her Berklee degree online. She will graduate from Berklee College of Music with a BM in Professional Music on May 9th, 2020.

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